Taki-to-Tombo * Sailor King of Pen * limited Edition

Art Maki-e
Brand Sailor
Collect. Taki-to-Shizen
Name Taki-to-Tombo
Lim. Edit. #28
Artist Ikki Moroiki
Technique Taka-Makie
Nib 21 kt gold M, B
Filling cartridge, convertor
Lenght 153 mm
Diameter 15mm
Weight 37 gr

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€ 5 170,00


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Sailor proudly announces this fourth and last model in the series of limited edition fountain pens called Taki to Tombo Dragonfly and Waterfall by maki-e artist Ikki Moroike

Dragonflies or Tombo, are one of the oldest insects dating back to the Dinosaur Age. There are over 3000 different species. They are found in every continent except Antarctica. Japan itself was known as Akitsu-shima or Dragonfly Island. Japan alone harbors 172 species of dragonflies. Symbolic of summer and autumn, the dragonfly represents power, agility, and victory. In China, the dragonfly symbolizes prosperity, harmony, and good luck.

The Sailor taki-to Tombo has a dark red urushi base with many gold and silver powders. Two dragonflies have accents in abalone (blue seashell), and the rocks are detailed with rectangular cut 24kt gold squares (kirigane). The reeds and other details are painted in relief with gold urushi. This King Of Pen is mounted with an M or B, 21kt gold nib, and comes in a large Paulowonia wooden box. The Taki-to-Tombo is limited to 28 pieces for the whole world.



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