Taki-no-Kawasemi (kingfisher) * Sailor Limited Edition

Art Maki-e
Brand Sailor
Collect. Taki-to-Shizen
Name Taki-no-Kawasemi (kingfisher)
Lim. Edit. 28
Artist Ikki Moroiki
Technique Taka-maki-e, Kirigane, Raden, bokashi, nashiji
Nib 21kt gold M, B
Filling Sailor cartridges, convertor
Lenght 153mm
Diameter 15mm
Weight 37gr


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€ 5 170,00


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Kawasemi or Kingfisher. A small bird, hardly 18 cm long with remarkable electric blue feathers and bright orange belly and legs. They prefer ponds or lakes or slow flowing waters where they hunt their prey, sitting on a branch and diving into the water. All stickelbacks are warned

Sailor commissioned Kaga Maki-e Master Ikki Moroiki san to create four limited edition pens within the collection “Taki-to-Shizen” (Waterfalls and nature). Sailor “Taki-no-Kawasemi” (Kingfisher) is the second pen limited to 28 pcs worldwide with 21k nib in M or B.

The top and bottom of the Sailor Kawasemi pen are adorned with a bokashi technique in silver and gold powders. The dark background is decorated with silver particles. The waterfall is painted in thin silver lines and powdered with silver dust. It is coming down from cliffs which are patched with square gold flecks and sprinkled with gold dust. The flying Kingfisher is crafted in abalone shell (raden). Another raden Kingfisher is waiting on a silver rock surrounded by cane in taka maki-e. A picture never does justice to a Maki-e work of art …


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