Susutake NMF * Sailor

Brand Sailor
Name Susutake
Type fountain pen in bamboo
Material bamboo
Nib 21kt NMF
Filling cartridge, convertor


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€ 1 795,00


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The Sailor Susutake is not a maki-e but due it's natural character it fits this range of precious handmade pens. Susutake pens are becoming rare even in Japan. To see them back in Europe is exceptional. If you have missed the Susutake before this may be your chance to buy this beautiful pen.

The Sailor Susutake is made of bamboo, in fact "smoked" bamboo that is carefully selected from the roofs of traditional Japanese houses that were built more than 100 years ago. The bamboo is naturally tinted by the smoke from open hearths as it wafted through the roof opening. Susutake is a highly treasured material that is becoming increasingly rare and difficult to find.

Sailor is known worldwide for its writing instruments and unique 21kt gold nibs. This eminently Japanese brand has a proud history of more than 100 years of excellent craftsmanship. Sailor creates fountain pens for everyday use and collector's items featuring the magnificent Maki-e technique.

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