Stellar Black Hole prof gear fountain pen * Sailor

Stellar Black Hole prof gear fountain pen * Sailor

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Brand Sailor
Collect Cosmos
Name Stellar Black Hole
Material PMMA resin
Type pen Prof Gear 
Nib 21kt bi-color
Filling cartridge/convertor
Size 129/116  x  14/10mm
Weight 20gr


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€ 360,00


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A Stellar Black Hole is formed when the core of a massive star collapses in a Supernova event due to the extreme gravitational forces existing. Even light cannot escape these cosmic wonders. Every main galaxy in the Universe has a massive Stellar Black hole at the center. Our Milky Way has its Black Hole called "Sagittarius A," which has a mass equivalent to four million sun-mass.

Sailor created a unique fountain pen to depict such a forceful cosmic concept. The Sailor Stellar Black Hole fountain pen, in prof gear size, has a gold-colored cap and a dark midnight blue body covered with golden and silver sparkles. The 21kt gold nib is bi-color and features Sailor's new design, which has become refined and stylish. Sailors writing comfort is one of the best in the world. The Stellar Black hole pen is made in a short edition of 1200 pieces worldwide.

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