Souverän 800 Stone Garden Special Edition fountain pen * Pelikan

Brand Pelikan
Name Souverän M800
Special Edition Stone Garden fountain pen
Material cellulose acetate, resin
Nib 18kt gold
Filling piston filler
Length 141 mm
Diameter 13 mm
Weight 29 gr


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€ 525,00


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Japanese stone gardens are considered to be a place of tranquility and zen. That was the inspiration for the new Pelikan Souverän 800 Stone Garden series. With its classic look and soft colours these pens would like to create a zen moment in your daily life.

The Souverän 800 Stone Garden fountain pen and ballpoint are made in a marbled blue-terracotta cellulose-acetate and a dark blue acrylic. The combination of the dark blue colour with the refined marbled structure give these pens a distinguished and elegant appearance. All trims and clip are 24-kt gold plated. The fountain pen has a 18-kt duo-tone nib in several nib sizes. A nice matching ink could be the Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire. A Special Edition means limited production !

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