Sailor Ink Studio 100 colours sample pack !

Brand Sailor Ink Studio
Colour ALL 100 colours
Type fountain pen ink
Size 2 ml samples




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In general Japanese inks are considered to be one of the best inks in the world. They leave little residue, have a perfect flow, can be cleaned without any issue and are safe to use in every fountain pen.

Sailor has it’s proper Ink Studio making inks for Sailor but also creating customized inks for pen boutiques like Kobe, Bungbox, … One could only dream about these perfect inks in Europe.

The new Sailor “Ink Studio” ink line is the result of 20 000 color blends by Sailor’s inkmeisters who blended these inks at the request of customers during Ink Studio events. Hundred colors were selected from 20000 blends. Each color was carefully chosen and packed in a small 20 ml bottle that remained unnamed and received a number instead. Not just a number but a specific blending code.

Enjoy your journey testing these inks. There are some very special coulours to explore like nudes, watergreens, pencil like greys …  Not only for writing but also for artistic use !

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