Preppy Red fountain pen * Platinum

Preppy Red fountain pen * Platinum

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Brand Platinum
Name Preppy red
Type vulpen
Material plastic
Nib staal 
Filling inktpatronen/convertor
Specials slip en seal systeem


Nib size/color/other



€ 5,00


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One of the most basic fountain pens on the market, but one that won't let you down. The Platinum Preppy is made of colorful plastic and has a steel nib in Medium or Fine. The cap is equipped with a slip and seal system, which prevents drying out. Each pen comes with one ink cartridge. The Preppy does what it has to do, write, and more than decent.

What more advanced? Turn your Preppy into an eyedropper. Place a rubber O-ring above the threads of the finger part and apply a little silicone grease to the threads. Drop ink directly into the pen body to just below the screw thread. Turn both pieces together, and you're done. Much more ink, longer writing pleasure.

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