Perfect Pencil Nightblue Guilloche * Graf von Faber-Castell

Perfect Pencil Nightblue Guilloche * Graf von Faber-Castell

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Brand Graf von Faber-Castell
Name Perfect Pencil Nightblue
Type pencil
Material platina plated cap, cedar wood casing
Filling refill pencils
Specials 1 pencil holder with build in sharpener, replaceable eraser, 1 end cap, spring loaded clip




€ 200,00


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Pencils are still of great importance to Graf von Faber-Castell. Above all, the Perfect Pencil is an ode to this wonderful yet unpretentious invention. This first-class writing instrument is a masterpiece of simplicity, execution and design. The Perfect Pencil has a concealed integrated sharpener, while the replaceable eraser is cleverly lodged under the cap. A must-have for discerning pencil lovers!

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