NEW Shikiori cartridges 20 colors-set * Sailor Shikiori ink

Brand Sailor
Collec. Shikiori 
Type Sailor cartridges
Color 20 shikiori colors
Packaging 20 x 3 cartridges in small travel box
Specials suit every Sailor fountain pen




€ 85,00


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It looks like a bookshelf filled with twenty mini books, this Sailor Shikiori ink cartridge set. The books are small boxes folded from beautiful paper and have an elegant print. At the back of the booklet is a tab with which you open the box. It contains a small case with three colored ink cartridges.

The set contains twenty boxes with all Sailor Shikiori colors. It comes with a series of colored Shikiori stickers, which can be stickered on the cases so that you know which color is in which case. Convenient when traveling!

The Sailor Shikiori ink cartridges can be used in all Sailor fountain pens! Ideal for the Prof Gear Slim Mini that does not accept a converter (!) and practical for all other Sailor fountain pens.

If the set is too big for your taste, you can also buy them per color! They are not cheap but yet sublime!

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