NEW Konagi Sailor Manyo II ink * 50ml

NEW Konagi Sailor Manyo II ink * 50ml


Brand Sailor Manyo Ink
Type fountain pen ink
Color Konagi
Size 50ml

Temporary offer till 30 September '20!

€ 25,50



Since Japanese Manyou poems mention over 160 species of plants and flowers, Sailor has an abundant choice to create a lot of dedicated inks. But, they decided to go slowly. So here they are, eight new Manyo inks to enjoy!

For the Sailor Manyo Ink range, Sailor has chosen colors based on flowers in Manyosyu poems. Each bottle contains 50ml of ink.

"Manyosyu" - the collection of Ten thousand Leaves - is the oldest and most revered anthology of Japan's poetic compilations. Over four centuries, 4516 poems were written by every class of person ranging from emperors to merchants and farmers. The theme of the lyrics relate to love, celebrations, family matters, traveling, the passage of the four seasons, nature, and so on. About 1500 of the poems in Manyosyu cover some 160 species of plants and 50 different flowers.

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