NEW * Blue Wave Naginata Togi fountain pen * Sailor Limited Edition

Brand Sailor
Name Blue Wave
Lim. Ed #111/400
Material Japanese ebonite
Nib 21kt duo-tone Naginata-togi 
Length 152mm
Diam. 20 mm
Weight -
Filling cartridge, convertor
Packaging wooden box, inkpot, convertor, cartridge, polishing cloth


Nib size/color/other

€ 1 880,00



The Blue Wave is a Sailor limited edition fountain pen in Japanese ebonite! Only for sale at distributors of the Sailor special nib pens. This KOP (King Of Pen) has, for the very first time, a flat top and end and is executed in a beautiful blue-black Japanese ebonite. It is only available with a duo-tone Naginata-Togi nib in NMF (medium-fine), NM (medium), or NB (broad). Each pen carries a unique number engraved on the bottom edge of the cap. The pen comes in a beautiful dark wooden box with inkwell, ink cartridge, and cleaning cloth. There are only 400 pieces available worldwide.

Ebonite is a natural product. Ebonite is best stored out of the sunlight. Ebonite naturally becomes dull. Regular polishing can prevent or postpone this. When it has become dull, you can feed it with extra virgin olive oil and polish it. According to an ebonite expert, a cloth for silver polish is also useful.

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