Nelly Bly * Blackwing Vol. 10 * limited edition pencils

Nelly Bly * Blackwing Vol. 10 * limited edition pencils

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Brand Palomino
Name Blackwing Vol.10 Nelly Bly
Type pencil
size extra firm
Material cedar casing, Japanese graphite
Package 12 pencils




€ 45,00


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Blackwing creates the most famous pencil in the history of writing. They are loved by artists, writers, and celebrities throughout the years. The Blackwing pencil distinguishes itself from any other humble wood-cased pencil with an innovative, large eraser and buttery smooth graphite core. Blackwing’s limited edition Volumes celebrate iconic personalities and historical events with custom releases full of references and intricate details.

“In 1887, Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World tasked Nellie Bly, a yet unknown journalist, with investigating the insane asylum on New York’s Blackwell’s Island. The resulting series, which she titled “Ten Days in a Madhouse,” is one of the earliest and most iconic examples of unbiased investigative journalism. It uncovered the brutal conditions in which patients were forced to live, and shined a spotlight on the misconceptions surrounding mental illness.”

The Blackwing Volume 10 pencil pays homage to reporter Nellie Bly and is inspired by black-and-white newspapers with a matte newspaper grey finish, silver ferrule, and dark grey eraser. The graphite core is Blackwing’s extra firm graphite that holds a point longer but still provides Blackwing’s signature smooth writing experience.

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