Namiki Yukari Daruma * Namiki Limited Edition

Brand Namiki
Name Daruma Yukari 
Lim. Ed  #/300
Artist Kokkokai Namiki
Technique Hira maki-e, togidashi, raden
Body metal
Nib 18kt gold
Filling cartridge, convertor
Specials large box, pen pouch, convertor, certificate


Nib size/color/other

€ 1 460,00



The Japanese doll Daruma is inspired by the monk Bodhidarma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. According to the legend, he spent nine years meditating in front of a wall, which cost him his eyelids and limbs.

Today Daruma is a familiar good luck charm for those who wish to succeed, and each color represents a particular field. Yellow is for monetary fortune; blue will enhance your success, red keeps you and your family safe, green stands for good health, and black will bring chance in your life.

We hope that this Namiki Yukari Daruma will allow its owner to overcome all difficulties and see their goals come true. This pen is delivered in a beautiful box with a leather pen pouch, convertor, and certificate. Only 300 pieces for the world.

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