Momento Zero Abyss - gold trim * Leonardo Officina Italiana

Brand Leonardo Officina Pen
Name Momento Zero Abyss
Type fountain pen
Material celluloid, ebonite feed
Nib size 6 - 14kt gold
Filling piston filler
Length 142/128mm
Diam 15,5/10,5mm
weight 25g/18,6g


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€ 690,00


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Every Leonardo pen is handmade in Italy by the Leonardo team. All materials are carefully chosen. The designs are sober and classic inspired, keeping resins and celluloids bright. The Leonardo pens are well balanced and not overloaded with heavy metal details. 

The Momento Zero collection is the first collection of Leonardo. A fresh start, the beginning of a new era. Momento Zero pens have a vintage look. The Abyss is made in patterned celluloid and available with gold trim. It is mounted with a size 6 14kt gold nib. Is fills with a piston filler.

Leonardo Officina Italiana. A new brand with 45 years of experience handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. Salvatore and Mariafrancesca Matrone inherited the love and passion for exquisite pens from their father Ciro Matrone one of the founders of Delta.

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