Minori Shikiori 5th Anniversary fountain pen * Sailor

Minori Shikiori 5th Anniversary fountain pen * Sailor

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Brand Sailor
Name Minori shikiori 5th Anniversary
Type fountain pen
Material resin
Nib 14kt gold
Filling cartridge/convertor
Specials box with ink bottle, convertor


Nib size/color/other

€ 205,00

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Sailor celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Shikiori series with a special pen called Minori. It is an ode to rice fields and their changing colors throughout the four seasons. The shape of the fountain pen is reminiscent of a single grain of glossy rice, and the colors refer to the image of fresh rice and rice ears. Minori means bountiful harvest.

Parts of the pen reflect specific moments in the growth of the rice fields. The translucent cap with gold shimmer shows nothing more than sky and water reflections. The blue watercolor body is like the blue water parts showing through the young green rice plants, and the grip is made in a darker turquoise blue resembling a mature rice field. As green rice plants ripen to a golden color and eventually return to the soil, so is the special Sailor Minori ink developed to start green and turn into an earthen tone when drying.

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