Kiseru Standard Kuro & Aka Negoro * Manupropria

Brand Manu Propria
Name Kiseru Standard Kuro & Aka Negoro
Type fountain pen
Material ebonite, urushi
Nib 18 kt gold #6
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length capped 175 mm
Length uncapped 150 mm
Diameter 19/15 mm
Weight 35 gr
Specials Cap Kuro negoro, body Aka negoro

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The Manu Propria Kiseru fountain pen is our favorite. It has a particular shape with the cap almost covering the complete body of the pen. The Kiseru fountain pen is actually inspired by the Kiseru-zutsu (a small pouch or box) of the Doran, a two- lid housing for a Japanese pipe called “the Kiseru”.

This Kiseru is made in a beautiful Kuro & Aka Negoro nuri. The Kiseru collection is available in two different sizes, the Kiseru Standard 190 mm and the Kiseru Medium 200 mm. Each pen is hand made in ebonite with an urushi lacquer and comes with a 18kt gold nib. The pens are cartridge/convertor filled.

Just as the Japanese pens the Manu Propria fountain pens have something mystical, almost sacred by their pure shape and rich coating. But the Manu Propria pens have something "different". They are powerful, sometimes flamboyant and at the same time they keep their Zen appearance.

Ps: The picture on our webstore is a snapshot. The pen you will receive will be crafted in this style.


Manu Propria, Negoro nuri.

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