Inkclopaedia Stockholm * Sakura InkMagique

Name Inkclopaedia Stockholm - Sakura InkMagique
Type ring binder for ink swatches
Set 1 ring binder, 10 showmaps, 75 test cards




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Create your own InkMagique Inkclopaedia. With one glance you can see what type of ink you have on the shelf. After all, in a pot every colour looks the same. And a binder allows you to make an overview to suit your personal taste and mood. That way you can spend hours on end creating swatches and enjoying, rearranging, admiring and sharing your passion with other ink aficionados.

The Sakura InkMagic Inkclopaedia is a starter set with 1 ring binder, 10 display pockets and 75 standard ink test cards.

Bindewerk ring binders add a dash of style to your filing cabinet. They're available in fun designs and a host of colours, just perfect for storing all your ink samples. They have a sturdy 2-ring lever mechanism, a handy grip hole and a matching self-adhesive spine label.

Rillstab visiting card pockets are perfect for sorting your ink sample cards because they're transparent. Also, with no matt ridges there’s no problem with colour interpretation. Each pack has 10 display pockets (enough for 10 x 10 compartments). Of course, they're also great for visiting cards :o)

Viking 1914 - 308 g Prof. Norma paper is perfect for ink cards: not too thick and not too thin, absorbent but not too fast, white but not too white. One box contains 75 cards with dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 cm. They fit snugly in the Rillstab display pockets.

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