Extra Large Navy/black pen sleeve *1* Uttoko

Extra Large Navy/black pen sleeve *1* Uttoko

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Name Navy/black
Type pen pouch, pen sleeve
Size sleeve 200/40mm - extra large
Outer  ohshima silk, navy
Inner silk, black geometric
Suitable  pen size 175/20mm: emperor, genkai




€ 77,00


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Aiko Homma, owner and designer of the UTTOKO Company makes exclusive pen pouches. The combination of Aiko's craft and Japanese vintage fabric makes each pen sleeve a precious item. Each of these pen pouches is handmade with utmost precision.

A pen sleeve from UTTOKO is not just a pen sleeve. It is one of the most beautiful, elegant, and best-made pen pouches ever. It shows in the subtle shape of the pen case, the way the fabrics are combined, and the handicraft. Each pen sleeve is plain and magistral at the same time and they protect your fountain pens in a wonderful way.

We’ve asked Aiko to create stylish pen sleeves in different sizes from Extra Large to Piccolo and gave her carte blanche concerning the fabrics. She chose silk and cotton, and for some, she created handprinted designs or dyed the fabric herself. The pouches are slightly padded and made to fit like a soft cocoon around your pen, not too loose and not too tight.

Each pouch has several layers of fabric and slim padding. Don't wash but clean the outer with a damp cloth only. If it gets wrinkled, spray a little water on the outer surface and press or stretch the sleeve back in its original form with your hand. By putting a pen or some stuffing material inside the pouch, it will keep its perfect shape.

Aiko pays a lot of attention not only to manufacturing the pencil cases but also to noting specifications, folding stuffing material up to the packaging. Every detail reflects the precision, passion, and determination. These pencil cases are not cheap, but they are well worth every penny.

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