CP17. A Fox with the Harvest Moon Cigar Portable 17mm * Nakaya

CP17. A Fox with the Harvest Moon Cigar Portable 17mm * Nakaya

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Brand Nakaya
Name Fox with the harvest moon
Size cigar portable 17mm
Technique tamesukashi, yakoh-maki-e
Nib 14kt gold
Material ebonite, urushi, silver
Filling cartridge, convertor
Lenght 163 mm
Diameter 17 mm
Weight 35 gr

expected oct '21 - dec '21

Nib size/color/other

€ 2 185,00

coming soon


With Tame Sukashi, a design is applied with silver powder and covered with several layers of shuai (transparent) urushi. As a result, the drawing is half-hidden, and it takes a while to discover the image like a watermark on paper. With time the shuai urushi will enlighten, and the design will become more visible.

In A Fox with the Harvest Moon, the moon, the fox, and its footprint are applied with silver powder on a colored interlayer. Shuai (transparent) urushi is painted over it to semi-hide the drawing. Susuki (Japanese silver grass) is applied with black urushi on top of the shuai layers by Yakoh-Maki-e. The white belly of the fox is emphasized with silver powder and at the same time the entire image of the fox was embossed by painting several layers of shuai urushi. The base color of this pen is heki-tamenuri.

The Nakaya A Fox with the Harvest Moon on a 17mm portable cigar looks very majestic but it stay an easy-to-handle fountain pen. 

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