CP. Karasu-The figure of Kite and Crow from Yosa Buson * Nakaya Yakoh Maki-e

Art Yako Maki-e
Brand Nakaya
Name Karasu
Technique Yako-maki-e, tamenuri
Nib 14 kt 
Material ebonite, urushi
Size Cigar portable
Filling cartridge, convertor
Lenght 150 mm
Diameter 15 mm
Weight 28 gr

expected Dec-Jan '22

Nib size/color/other

€ 2 300,00

coming soon


Yosa Buson’s last artwork "Black Kites and Crows" is not necessarily his most important work. What is significant about it is that it took a lifetime of artistic and personal dedication to build up to this piece. The end result is an artwork which can speak to people across both time and culture. If you know this painting has been made around 1780 you will acknowledge this statement. I witnessed this kind of scenery in my garden: two birds sitting together quietly on a branch in snow fall. It gives a very zen feeling. Wonderful no ? The original painting can be visited at the Mitamura Museum in Japan.

The wood and two crows are done by Yakoh-Maki-e on Aka-Tamenuri lacquer painting base.The snow layers are expressed by sliver powders. The base model is Cigar model size.

Yakoh Maki-e is black thick painting on the aka-tamenuri surface. With time the tamenuri-layer will enlighten and the black painting will become more prominent.

Yosa Buson (1716–1784) – Edo period.
Important Japanese painter, poet, former monk.

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