Bô Standard Kuro Negoro * Manupropria

Brand Manu Propria
Name Bô Standard Kuro Negoro
Type fountain pen
Material ebonite, urushi
Nib 14 kt gold #6
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length capped 150 mm
Length uncapped 135 mm
Diameter 16 mm
Weight 20 gr


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€ 1 550,00


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means“stick” and that is what this Manu Propria pen looks like. A long fountain pen with a flat top and bottom. A strong and pure shape executed in a beautiful Aka Negoro nuri. The Bô collection is available in three different sizes, the Bô Standard 150mm, Bô Medium 180 mm or Bô Long 200 mm. Each pen is hand made in ebonite with an urushi lacquer and comes with a 18kt gold nib. The pens are cartridge/convertor filled.

Manu Propria pens are expertly hand-turned with a manually-operated lathe. Each pen comes with a secret Manu Propria Maki-e signature tastefully applied on the barrel end. Each pen is packed in a tasteful black box. In the inside a hand sewn white pouch with a mother of pearl button, neatly held down with two white straps.

Note: Urushi doesn't like direct sunlight, so keep your pens with their precious Urushi lacquer in a protected environment. A pen pouch, pen case or closed drawer is sufficient.

Each Manu Propria pen is handmade by Martin Pauli. Handmade means unique. Each Negoro- or Ishimeji-nuri  has a unique pattern and its own mystical flair. The picture on our webstore is a snapshot. The pen you will receive will be crafted in this style.


Manu Propria, Negoro nuri.

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