ASC Gladiatore Medio Arco Bronze * Armando Simoni Club

Brand Armando Simoni Club
Name Gladiatore Medio Arco Bronze
Material Arco Bronze Celluloid, 12 facet body
Nib size 6 - 18kt M
Feed ebonite
Filling rotating knob piston filler
Length 147 mm
Diam. 16/11 mm
Weight 34 gr
Specials limited production


Nib size/color/other

€ 1 090,00




The ASC Gladiatore Medio Arco Bronze is made in vintage celluloid material developed by Armando Simoni in 1930. The Gladiatore Medio Arco bronze is made in a twelve-sided shaped body. The cap has a slim clip with a rolling wheel. The cap and forepart have a large band which is engraved with a pattern of a Greek column. On the thin band of the cap, you can read the words 'ASC Gladiatore Medio Arco bronze and a unique number'. The gold coin on top of the cap is engraved with the brand's name. The Gladiatore Medio has a rotating knob piston filler system and comes with a size 6, 18kt gold nib which is adorned with a geometric pattern. The pen's feed is made in ebonite. The Gladiatore Medio pen comes in a lovely gift box with a certificate. Is this pen worth to collect? Definitely!

Omas (Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni ) was founded in 1925 by Armando Simoni. It became a historic Italian fountain pen brand. Until today Omas pens are sought after and collected because of the refined celluloid, innovative designs, exceptional quality and writing comfort. In March 2016 Omas ceased all activities. Omas is no longer but, Armando Simoni lives on in the new Armando Simoni Club. The man responsible for this new brand is Emmanuel Caltagirone. 

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