ASC Bologna Extra Africa * rhodium trim * Armando Simoni Club

Brand Armando Simoni Club
Name Bologna Extra Africa
Material Celluloid 
Trims rhodium
Nib size 8 - 18 kt magic flex
Filling pneumatic filler
Length 161 mm
Diam. 15,7/12,9 mm
Weight 59 gr
Specials Limited production

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Armando Simoni Club honors the raw beauty and rich contrasts of Africa with their Bologna Extra Africa celluloid fountain pen. The ASC Bologna Extra model is longer and the girth is wider then the original model. It has a larger vintage clip with rolling wheel. All trims are rhodium finished.  The rodhium bands which decorate the barrel and cap are engraved with a pattern of primitive African art.

Every pen aficionado will appreciate the big 18-kt 8-size gold nib with magic flex. An innovative ebonite semi-flexible feed provides an excellent ink flow. The combination of this special feed with the magic flex nib creates a lot of line variation. But take care the nib can break when you over flex !

The ASC Bologna Extra Arco green has a pneumatic filling system. To fill the pen unscrew the filler knob and pull out the tube as far as possible. On top of the knob is a small hole. Insert the nib into the ink, cover the hole with your finger and push the tube down. This action compresses the air in the barrel and likewise the ink sac. Keep the nib in the ink and release your finger from the hole. The pressured air will escape and the compressed ink sac will suck up ink while uncompressing. The pen is now filled with more then 2ml of ink.

Omas (Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni ) was founded in 1925 by Armando Simoni. It became an historic Italian fountain pen brand. Until today Omas pens are sought after and collected because of the refined celluloid, innovative designs, exceptional quality and writing comfort. In March 2016 Omas ceased al activities. Omas is no longer but Armando Simoni lives on in the new Armando Simoni Club.The man responsible for this new brand is Emmanuel Caltagirone. He will take Armando Simone to a new era. Not vintage but bigger, better and exclusive.

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