Amalfi Decoband * Wahl-Eversharp

Brand Wahl-Eversharp
Name Amalfi Decoband
Type Oversized fountain pen
Material resin, red coated feed
Nib Size 8 - 14 kt superflex 
Filling pneumatic filling system
Length 150 mm
Diameter 15 mm
Weight 58 - 44 gr
Specials line variation from F to extra B 




€ 1 100,00 € 800,00


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We selected the Wahl-Eversharp Decoband : a majestic pen ! This oversized fountain pen with flattop ends is inspired on the smaller DecoBand model from 1929. This pen has a serious weight (58gr) due to the metal inner tube of the pneumatic filling system.

Remarkable are the low inserted clip with rolling element, the big size 8 gold nib and ebonite feed. De nib is partially engraved which makes it thinner and more flexible. The black ebonite feed is coated with a red lacquer. The coating would enhance the inkflow but more then that it has an incredible wow effect.

The 14-ct gold nib comes as a Superflex with a line variation from F to BB and a Goldflex with a line variation from EF to M. Even without exercising the flex the pen writes very smooth. Despite the size and the weight (44gr without cap) the pen is well balanced and feels very comfortable in the hand.

The Decoband has a pneumatic filling system (one-touch). To fill the pen you unscrew the filler knob and pull out the tube as far as possible. On top of the knob is a small hole. Insert the nib into the ink, cover the hole with your finger and push the tube down. This action compresses the air in the barrel and likewise the ink sac. Keep the nib in the ink and release your finger from the hole. The pressured air will escape and the compressed ink sac will suck up ink while uncompressing. The pen is now filled with more then 2ml of ink.

The Wahl-Eversharp Decoband comes in a black piano lacquered box with Wahl-Eversharp inkpot.

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