3 Year Diary * Brown * Midori

Brand Midori
Name 3 year Diary 
Type Diary
Size 19 x 12 cm x 4 cm




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The Midori three-year diary is painstakingly crafted to the last detail, with an eye-catching linen cover, blind printing and gold embossing. Its 366 cream-coloured sewn-in pages have a tab on the edge for every new month. Each month has its own distinctive "door" and features a "monthly motif" that is subtly printed on each page of a given month. The diary comes in a matching box that protects your journal forever.

This original Midori three-year diary is designed to capture your most important moments every day for the next 3 years, along with your thoughts and feelings. It makes no difference where you start your diary, because it's continuous and cyclical. All you have to do is name the year. One page gives you plenty of space for each day over 3 years.

The diary gives you 7 lines for each day, enough to take careful note of where you were, what happened to you, a quote, a thought, a wish,...

Every year has a prologue. As a special feature, your diary has a prologue box at the start of each year, a place for you to set down your ideas for the future, your hopes, your dreams… whatever crosses your mind!

And of course, every prologue must have an epilogue. It's only logical that there should be an epilogue box at the end of the year, a place for you to reminisce, to look back on what the year has brought, a place where you can take stock and see if you have achieved what you set out to do at the start of the year.

The Midori ten-year diary is a great gift for someone you love, a gift that keeps on giving every day!

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