20th Anniversary Aka-tamenuri with kuro-tamenuri strings rolled * Nakaya Limited Edition

Brand Nakaya
Name 20th Anniversary aka-tamenuri and kuro-tamenuri  strings 
Lim Edition #88
Material ebonite, urushi 
Nib 14kt  ruthenium plated
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length 158 mm 
Diam. 15,5mm
Weight 34gr


€ 2 350,00



To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nakaya Company, the Nakaya craftsman created a special fountain pen limited to 88 pens worldwide: "The 20th Anniversary String Rolled pen."

The 20th Anniversary String Rolled pen is made in two finishes: aka-tamenuri (translucent red) and kuro roiro (black). The pen is a new design and keeps the middle between a long and portable cigar. It has a flat top and flat end and comes with ruthenium-plated 14kt gold nib. On top of the cap, you will read the Nakaya logo, the text "20th Anniversary 2019" and the unique number.

Thin strings are rolled and embedded around the cap and the body of the pen. This technique is called the Tsukamaki technique and literary means "wrapping the hilt of a Katana.” It sounds very easy, but in the hands of a Japanese craftsman, string wrapping is turned into an exact craft being both functional and aesthetic.

The top of the cap is adorned with a double-layered silver crown. It is inspired by Koetsuji-gaki a traditional Japanese design, a crisscrossed bamboo fence found in the "Koetsuji Temple" in Kyoto. The same design is also found in the "Namako-kabe", one of the traditional Japanese wall designs covered with square tiles jointed with raised plaster.

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