'Elephant' Namiki Limited Edition 2022 * Namiki

Brand Namiki
Collection Emperor limited edition 2022
Name Elephant
Lim. Edition #99 pcs
Material ebonite, urushi
Technique  Shishai-Togidashi-Taka-Maki-e
Artist Mamoru Wakabayashi
Nib 18 kt gold M of B
Filling eyedropper
Length 184 mm
Diam. 18 mm
Weight 47 gr
Packaging wooden box, ink bottle, eyedropper
Price €14500
Export price out EU €11983,47


Nib size/color/other

€ 14 500,00



The African Elephant is the largest animal on land, and it is extraordinarily long-lived. It is intelligent, wise, and fiercely loyal. They feel joy and anger, cherish their family, mourn their deceased, and even fall in love. In the East, the Elephant symbolizes prosperity and life.

Elephants are a cornerstone in wildlife and indispensable in the ecosystem. And yet all elephants are endangered by climate change, the challenges of nature but most by man.

The Namiki Elephant Limited Edition 2022 breaks with tradition with a daring theme in a colorful palette, yet it is executed in traditional high-end Maki-e techniques. Namiki and the artist Mamoru Wakabayashi wanted to raise awareness by creating this majestic animal in Shishiai Togidashi Taka Maki-e.

The peaceful scene of a sunset over the savannah on the cap of the pen transports us to Africa. An elephant mother with a calf stands against the horizon. A tree with raden particles reflects the last sunrays.

The head of an Elephant covers the entire body of the Emperor's pen. It looks us right in the eye as it wants to say, 'Here I am.' The skin has the same ripples and structure reminiscent of elephant skin, and the tusks are executed in a delicate mother of pearl. An Egret completes the scene to highlight the symbiotic relationship between the two animals. The egret takes care of the Elephant's skin, and the Elephant protects it from predators. It is at the same time a wink how man and nature should live in the same symbiosis. The future of the Elephant lies in our hands.

Each Namiki Elephant Emperor fountain pen is signed by the artist Mamoru Wakabayashi. It is mounted with an 18kt n° 50nib in M or B and comes in a beautiful wooden cabinet with a numbered plaque, a polishing cloth, an eyedropper, and a painted ink bottle.

Note: the picture's colors will be a bit more subdued in real life. A photograph never does justice to maki-e.

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