Napoléon Bonaparte is hot !

Written by Catherine on Monday 22 December 2014 in Russian Lacquer Art

Napoléon Bonaparte seems to be very popular these days. Several pen brands have decorated their pens in Russian miniature lacquer art with Napoleon interpretations from different paintings made by Jean-Louis David. It is not the brand that makes the artistic value of these pens important but the choice of artists that executed the art on these collectables.

Interpretations of existing portraits are very difficult as the work of art can be compared to the original although they are not merely copied. The artist decodes, interpretes and transfers the assignment on to the new medium with exquisite skill and total dedication.

Kysney’s “Napoleon” is a beauty made by a top artist. Take a look at the fine details and you will be convinced. This pen is limited to five pieces. Nr #3/5 available in our Gallery.

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