Sign up for a Nakaya Dorsal Fin vers. 1

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 10 September 2014 in Archive

This pen is called the Nakaya Dorsal Fin vers. 1. The edge of the "fin" features a beautiful Aka-tame-nuri finish. When the pen is placed horizontally, the stopper takes on the appearance of a stylised crescent-shaped support. Pure simplicity of form with a unique design. The production time at this moment is about 8 months. The SFPG has an order for 3 customers. Would you also like a Dorsal Fin.  Please contact us here to receive all the details. You can subscribe untill september 30th !

Length 150mm - dia. 17mm. You can choose the finish of the pen : aka-tamenuri, kuro-tamenuri, .....


Pen Pouch for the Nakaya Long Cigar

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 18 June 2014 in Archive

In order to keep your Nakaya Long Cigar safe we made a suitable penpouch ourselves. Interested in one of them ? e-mail


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